Feature Guidelines 22.132.0 - SaaS

Feature Guidelines 22.132.0 - SaaS


Version  22.132.0

Date: 30.01.2023

Feature: Disable internal aqua authentication when SAML, LDAP or oAuth is set up

Useful when:

  • You have custom security rules in your external authentication system and want to prevent a user from bypassing those rules.

  • Your users should not be able to sign into aqua with their aqua internal password or have access to reset it.


When SAML, LDAP, or oAuth are configured, the internal aqua password is enabled by default.

If you want to disable it, you need to update the aqua server parameter.

When you install a new aqua version, please find the ‘AllowInternalUserAuthentification’ parameter and set it to false.

This setting should be added to the server web.config, typically located in C:\Program Files\andagon GmbH\aqua For IIS\Web\Webservice

Please note that once authentication with aqua password is disabled, the option to reset password from the User Administration page and under the user menu won’t be available anymore.

The reset password button will also be hidden from the aqua login page.

Improvement: New platform with a knowledge base and option to raise a support ticket

Useful when:

  • You want to learn or refresh your memory on how some aqua functionality works

  • You found that some information is not up-to-date or missing and you want to provide feedback for aqua team to correct it

  • You want to report a defect and track the progress 

  • You would like to see what new features, improvements or bug fixes were released and with what version they were shipped


Step 1: Open aqua, click on the question mark icon and then pick ‘Knowledge base’

A new tab with the portal will open.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Help Center’ tile or the ‘Wiki’ tab to navigate to the aqua knowledge base.

Step 3: Select a section and browse the articles or simply search by a keyword.

Step 4: In case you need to switch to the English version or go back to German, click on the language select button.

Our next step will be to connect the new knowledge base to all aqua pages to ensure you have access to updated articles.

Step 5: To learn more about released features and improvements, click on ‘Release notes’ link. To read how to use new functionality, please open the ‘Feature guidelines’ page.

Step 6: If you found a defect and want to report it, navigate to the ‘Tickets’ tab, login to the system with you credentials and then click on the plus icon to submit a ticket

Once you do that, the ticket will be automatically created in our system. Our support team will review it and reply to you within a few hours.

Improvement: Enhanced onboarding for new users

Useful when:

  • Once a new user is added to the platform, they can quickly familiarise themselves with aqua’s core functionality and learn where to find documentation on advanced features

The new onboarding flow will be shown once and only to users added after this update.  You do not need to enable it separately. If you would like us to add some information or make onboarding even easier, please write to us at support@aqua-cloud.io. We always appreciate your feedback on what we do and your ideas for the future. 

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