Feature Guidelines 23.46.0 - SaaS 2/3

Feature Guidelines 23.46.0 - SaaS 2/3


Version  23.46

Date: 10.05.2023

Grid and columns

Useful when:

  • You want to see what columns are active before you modify the grid

  • You need a quick access to the column picker to add additional options to the grid via a shortcut


In the old version of aqua, you had the option to add a column or reset to default the grid view only from the ribbon.

Now, these features are easily accessible from the Views section, making customisation even more straightforward!

To customise the grid view, for example add or hide columns, simply click on the Views button. From there, you can quickly customise your grid.

At the top of the panel, you'll find a group of default columns along with any custom columns you've added.

To add a specific column, click on the plus button or use a shortcut to enable the column picker.

Besides, the old column picker can be called with a shortcut even when the panel is closed. 

If you want to return the initial look and feel of the grid, click on ‘Reset to default’.

To hide the column, click the corresponding label. It will be removed from the grid. 

Note: Default column labels are always visible on the panel, while custom columns’ labels  are hidden from it once you disable them.

Show Archived and Subfolders 


These two options are now part of the Views as well.

If you want to view archived items, folders or projects, click on the toggler to display them.

You will need a similar toggle to show/hide items from the subfolders on the grid view when a project is selected.


Useful when:

  • You want to customise your grid view and create a personalised layout that works for you and your team's needs.

  • You need to organise and quickly access information within the grid view, making it easier to work more efficiently.

  • You want to collaborate with team members by sharing your views, making it simpler to work together on projects.


Views have become easier to create, use and modify. They moved from the ribbon to the panel, too.

To add a new view, simply enable the 'View' panel above the grid and click on the Add view button. Provide a title, colour, and description, and specify what you want to display. Once you save the view, it will automatically be applied to your grid.

Your newly created view can be found under My views, where you can easily modify or make it public, so that other team members within your project will be able to use this view but not modify it. 

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